The End of the World as We Know It

Friday, November 16, 2012 - Sunday, December 23, 2012

The premise behind this exhibition is the impending end date of a 5,125 year long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar used by the Mayan Civilization to which many have ascribed a long list of prophetic predictions ranging from the cataclysmic to the transformative. The magic date when all this is predicted to take place is December 21, 2012 and in honour of this auspicious date we will culminate the exhibition and celebrate here at the gallery with an End of the World Party.


This project is part of our ongoing efforts to challenge the public's view of what a public art gallery is and how to engage in our programs. We are looking to address the gap between generations and in doing so build bridges of understanding and provide opportunities for community dialogue. In each of the six weeks of the End of the World exhibition, the Penticton Art Gallery will host a team of artists comprising of at least two guest DJs along with a host of visual artists, computer programmers and lighting designers who will be part of a weekly artist in residency program designed to explore different aspects of contemporary art, music and culture. Each week’s resident artists will transform the gallery space to reflect the unique and diverse range of artistic expression found within their community, while providing those in attendance with a visual and audio feast. Each weekend will also feature a series of roundtable discussions and/or workshops designed to engage a wide range of professionals from the greater community along with the participating artist. The intent is to encourage open and honest community dialogue, while providing unique opportunities for our community’s artists and youth to receive mentoring and information on the pros and cons of participating in this cultural community.


This exhibition will take on many guises and evolve numerous times while exploring the state of our civilization through the eyes of those communities one might often refer to as on the fringe of society. This is intended to be a forum where the line between the artist, performer and you the audience is blurred and you become a part of the installation and the event.


The exhibition will take place over six consecutive weekends and will feature six unique teams of artists from across the province.  The event will run for three days each week only with Friday night being the happening which will run from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. followed by two days of interactive workshops and programs on both the Saturday and Sunday between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. each day. All the events are open to the public and admission is by donations except for the End of the World Party to be held on Friday December 21st from 7 pm – 1 am. The field of participating artists represent a wide range of artistic disciplines ranging from experimental video and film, visual arts, theater, live and electronic music, performance art and much more. Each week will also be accompanied by a series of hands on workshops and lectures exploring the art, culture and concerns affecting each community of artists and by extrapolation our own community. Workshops will be a cultural mix and cover topics from making art, drug use and harm reduction, mixing music, sexual health, digital filmmaking, electronic music, sound exploration, bullying, gender issues, history of Hip Hop, First Nations Culture and more.

 Week 6, Final Week: December 21-23

This final week we are planning a big "End of the World as we Know it" party! It is the only one of our events that is ticketed and also licensed.

This night will be a multi media extravaganza combining music, dance and art for a night you will truly remember. Only 200 tickets available! 

Prices: $25 - Nonmembers, $20 - Members/Students, $10 - Ages 13-18, FREE - Ages 12 & under!

About Shane Philip:

West Coast multi-instrumentalist Shane Philip is known worldwide for his dynamic didgeridoo-infused music. He has been touring constantly for the past few years now and was recently awarded Best Live Act (Vancouver Island Music Awards). His rhythmic and intoxicating sounds are powerful enough to fill a room with dancing fans and soulful enough to quiet a packed house. Those songs have captured audiences for years in Canada, particularly along the west coast, but for the past five years, he’s captured listeners around the globe. Philip is a one-man force on stage. His feet wildly work his drum kit while he plays guitar, the aslatua, the djembe and, of course, his didgeridoos. His best work to date definitely came last year when he released Life Love Music. The album is rich with vocals and features much more of that mesmerizing sound that Shane Philip is so well known for.

Birth Day 2012:

On December 22nd you are invited to come and join the global community and join the Birth Day and Celebration for the new Universal Human Being that marks the beginning of the new age:  The Golden Age!

"The End of the World as We Know It" is evolving into a new story that is alive in us.  We are the first species to understand that we must change or perish; the good news is that we can do this consciously and create a world that works for everyone.   December 22, 2012 is the first day following the end of the Mayan calendar, the beginning of a new age.  How appropriate to celebrate it as a Birth Day!  We will celebrate our birth with a connecting of our hearts, laughter, an evolutionary circle, live video connecting us to the world wide Birth 2012 celebrations, and practice seeing the world with our brand new eyes. 

Birth 2012 is a global birthday event involving millions who are celebrating the dawn of a new era, the beginnings of a co-creative society, and this is Penticton’s contribution.

We have GOOD NEWS to share, one of a New Story of evolution and being the first species to have the awareness of its own extinction. It is this new level of awareness that will help us overcome the hurdles of today. Main stream media is focused on the doom and gloom message, but there are many of us world-wide who are focused on creating grass roots level change that heals world systems and environmental challenges. Already forming are new social hubs using new social technologies and the wheel of co-creation to cross this gap from self-centered society of fear and competition into a collaborative model of respect and unity. 

Come out and meet others ready and thirsting to contribute to this positive change. See the Wheel of Co-creation by Barbara Marx Hubbard, watch the live webcast of world wide Birth 2012 and experience Heart Coherence, face painting, a community "paint in" mural, speaker's corner, hear the Peace Planet Proclamation,  yoga, crystal bowl meditations, Warren Hooley,  Richard Knox and more. Radio Free Canada will be onsite broadcasting.   Visit Birth and our Facebook page, 

All are welcome to bring their gift to this celebration of the New Earth.  

Should the world end on December 21, 2012 we can rest assured that we went out in a creative blaze of glory and should life continue as it always has,  no doubt the legacy of this exhibition will continue to benefit the gallery and our community for years to come. This exhibition would not have been possible if not for the generous support and belief in this project and its concept by all the participating artists and their communities and the generosity of the Vancouver Foundation which has partnered with the Penticton Art Gallery to make it possible.  The Vancouver Foundation helps build more vibrant and resilient communities in B.C. by harnessing the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money from caring citizens to make meaningful and lasting impacts. The Vancouver Foundation is Canada’s largest community foundation and has been investing in communities since 1943. 

To find out more please click the image below to visit their website 

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