Ron Stacey

Ron Stacey
Gorges, 2012
oil on canvas
11" x14"
Value: $250.00
Donated by the Artist


After a 25 year career as a sign-painter and graphic artist, Stacy and  his wife, Marcia sold their business and moved to Victoria. There he  was surrounded by the native artform, and was able to learn about the  culture and the artform disciplines with a first nations mentor and  gradually, he began to portray his impressions and conceptions in  paintings. Stacy’s unique interpretations of the northwest coast native  mythology attracted the attention of collectors across Canada and  various other countries like Japan, where he has a painting hanging in  the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo.  In 1998 Ron decided to take a break  from the world of galleries to further develop his skills. For 12 years  he taught acrylic painting through art colleges and art supply stores.  His students enjoyed his teaching style immensely. Ron self-published a  book called “The Secret World of Colour”. Stacy was heavily involved  with the Island Illustrators’ Society, was instrumental in starting the  Sidney Fine Art Show, and worked hundreds of hours on the Arts and  Cultural Highway with Karl Schutz of Chemainus. He has participated in  many fine art shows, winning awards and accolades. Now, settled in  Summerland, he is enjoying teaching art, painting and writing for  “Ravenkind”, a future book, as well as painting still life and the  absolutely beautiful Okanagan landscape.