Beverly Binfet

Beverly Binfet
Just Liquid Sunshine, 2012
mixed media
20" x 24"
Value: $940
Donated by the Artist

Artist's Statement
My life experiences inspire my art. I frequently paint in response to my surroundings or the landscape. Recently, I have begun to incorporate images of figures into my paintings and to me they symbolize people in various life situations. I purposely edit as much detail as possible in order to capture just the essence of the situation in each painting. In this manner, the viewer is invited to interpret the painting according to his or her own unique experience. It is often in the very simple, commonplace events of daily life that I find a quiet joy and  an added richness. These moments bring me great pleasure that hopefully will be passed on through my art. As I create a painting, certain feelings and thoughts present themselves and help me formulate the title for the work. Viewers may then consider the title as a suggestion when interpreting the work in their own personal way. 

Bev Binfet was born in Saskatchewan and lives in Penticton, British Columbia, where she works in a home-based artist's studio.  She received formal training at the University of Victoria.  In addition to her interest in still life paintings, Bev has a particular interest in landscapes.  "I have become very aware of the ever-changing boundaries dividing our landscape. Boundaries shift and developments grow. New shapes emerge and old ones fade. Patterns develop with time. The face of the landscape is constantly changing and my art is based on this imagery. It speaks of the past and the present, of rural and urban margins, of division, encroachment and change."

Beverley’s work can be found locally at the Hambleton Gallery in Kelowna.