Bob Kebic

Bob Kebic
#622 Late Summer Evening
oil on canvas
12" x 36"
Value: $1,700
Donated by the Artist

Artist's Statement

I was born a long long time ago in human years…a blink of the eye in cosmic terms. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1974. Upon graduation I began by doing book covers for McClelland and Stewart, Saturday night magazine, Harlequin Books as well as other book publishers. My mediums were anything that I could get my hands on, (car wax produced some amazing effects, but, took a lifetime to dry). I eventually added advertising and corporate commissions to my portfolio, doing work for such firms as Molsons, Coke, Nike, Audi, the Canadian mint, and many, many more. I have resided in the state of Texas, the city of Chicago and currently make Toronto my home. The medium of choice now is strictly oils. Oils offer a range of colors, textures and hues that no other medium can touch. That, is the essence and being of what I do. Every time you come into contact with one of my works, I want you to see a color you never noticed before. A texture you failed to see. I want my works to be the battery that keeps on giving. I’m not afraid to stand out from the crowd and my paintings reflect this. I will challenge you to think differently about what you see and what you assume. With my brush, I will use nouns, verbs and adjectives that will force you and your quests to rethink what is. My paintings are the yellow brick road to a place you may never have noticed, but, is there. You will find that most of my paintings have numbers and not names. I’m an artist and not a writer. Everyone will see something of their own life experience in what I do on canvas. For me to title them would force a bias on your observations. I don’t want you to look for the title in the paintings, I want you to see that sunset you remember, that view from the waters edge one summer evening or those brilliant fall colors that amazed you as a child. My paintings are not what I have done last week, last month or last year….they are a culmination of a lifetime of learning. I speak with brush to canvas. Come and hear what my paintings have to say……they are not chewing gum for the eyes.