Connor Charlesworth


Connor Charlesworth
Ornamental Gardens, 2012

oil on canvas
12" x 14"
Value: $500
Donated by the Artist
Still in his late teens, Connor Charlesworth’s love of art has been nurtured from a very young age, having been surrounded by paintings and talk of art and artists his entire life. He has attended many exhibitions openings and has visited museums where he has seen works of art that have had a big influence on him such as Monet, Van Gogh and The Group Of Seven. To be able to put the canvas on the floor, and work around the piece makes him feel more in tune or emotionally connected to the painting. "Painting, for me, is very experimental. Each painting is something new, different from what I'd done previously. Many things are racing through my mind as I lay the paintbrush down on the canvas. Each brushstroke being crucial to the final product. Along with staying focused on tone, composition ect. I try to make painting something fun and, at times, very spontaneous. I plan on continuing with this passion and furthering my education into art and culture." Connors’s work is represented locally by the Lloyd Gallery in Penticton.
Recently, he has been experimenting with acrylics. Interested in the abstract expressionists such as Pollock and De Kooning, he has been painting in ways that express feeling and depict meaning.