Dave Milton

Dave Milton
Hollow Form Bowl
4 1/2" x 9" x 9"
Value: $250
Donated by the Artist



Artist's Statement

Although not given to notions of mysticism and druidism about wood as a artistic medium, I am none the less deeply concerned about the mayhem wrought on the planet’s forests and woodlands under the guise of “resource management”. To this end I do not use exotic wood for any of my work. My turnings cover small treasures from gnarly hunks of found, or given wood. Into my seventh decade I enjoy competitions.


While living in Clearwater Dave Milton was a founding member of the North Thompson Woodworkers Guild which provided a forum where the members, amateur or professional, could meet to improve their skills and to promote the crafts of woodworking while meeting new friends with a common interest The NTWG was originally based out of Kamloops with members reaching across the province providing access to The Wood Co-Op and its gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver. Currently based in Grand Forks he is still active in the world of wood having helped organize the Boundary Wood Workers Guild and a major exhibition featuring the many uses of Blue Stained Pine which results from the devastating pine beetle infestation. Dave’s work is highly sought after and can be found in collections across the globe.