Jim Kalnin

Jim Kalnin
Full Moon, Boreal Forest #9
mixed media on paper
9" x 12"
Value: $200
Donated by the Artist

"Full Moon, Boreal Forest #9" is from a series of small gouache paintings on primed paper. The work was inspired by a late night, full moon drive from the Rocky Mountains to the city of Edmonton. Clumps of bog spruce ran like pickets in a fence, offering brief glimpses of the rising full moon. The works in this series are a loose, abstract response to the rhythmic late night ride through this primal landscape. " - Jim Kalnin

Jim Kalnin has been interested in art and the natural world his whole life. Experiencing a variety of cultures has deepened his compassion for the world's people and our utter dependence on the land -- not only as our means of survival but also as the revealer of Mystery. Jim’s art has almost always been rooted in the natural world. From this has evolved work that expresses both the joy of life, and an awareness of its fragility. His drawings, paintings and installations have ranged from being critical of environmental insensitivity in the logging and mining industries to spiritual expressions of the dynamics of life to questioning various aspects of the human condition. Jim feels especially gratified by those rare works that manages to be a critical statement and a spiritual one at the same time.
Everything is interconnected, part of the same whole. Every culture, all civilizations, and all our technology are part of the natural universe. We have sprung from nature and not really very far. We still depend completely on the natural order of things for our existence. The longer Jim lives and makes art, the more this becomes evident, and the more this awareness becomes an integral part of his work. Absurdity in art for its own sake is also attractive to him, and it surfaces periodically in various ways. Jim taught Fine Arts at UBC Okanagan and continues to be a prolific artist working with conventional art materials in unconventional ways and with a limitless range of natural and found materials. His art is shown regularly in local, regional, and touring exhibitions. Jim’s work can be found at Headbones Gallery in Vernon.