Patricia Gulyas

``Un grand bol d’air’’ is an expression in France. In generally when you have a hard time or you can deal anymore with a problem you really need to go outside and breathe fresh air and fin new energy. I found this expression very actual to express how I feel about the cuts to art and culture funding.

Some information about me: Born in Lyon-France I moved in Canada in 2001 and BC in 2007. I taught art in community center in France, Quebec and BC, and hope finish my Fine Art Bachelor in Kelowna. After many years in Decoration and many trips in North America I was attracted by Haïda Graphic and totem pole, and philosophy. Mixing surrealism, blue color, humour and North West coast graphic in tribute of native knowledge, I paint often with acrylic on canvas. 

So, when I hear about the cuts to art and culture funding and when I think why I move to Canada, I am worry. Like every French artist I move in Canada because in my country is hard to be recognise. France is a beautiful country but it is more open to intellectual people rather than artist painter. Canada offer me so many opportunity to expose in art galleries cross the country and even in United States; I also have the pleasure to expose in Museum in Quebec and in British-Columbia.  When I hear about cuts I think this country need to go see outside and to realise that this country exist because of their artist. Remember Canada history, how many pictures are use to talk about history or Canadian produce. All this pictures exist and are able to prove culture heritage, cloth, Maple syrup, canoe, Quebec map, Emilie Carr.... Nobody will know about Canada without Canadian artist! I came in Canada thinking than Canadian government love artist. We need to take a big Bowl of fresh air and think again about what we can do and how keep Culture and artist healthy to protect the Canadian legacy.