Marjorie Croil

Marjorie Croil (d. Summerland, British Columbia 1998)

Untitled (Okanagan Landscape), nd.

mixed media on paper

15 1/2” 19 ½”


 Tunnel, 1950

pastel on paper

21” x 21”


Marjorie Croil moved from Ontario to Summerland, BC in 1925. She married her husband, Thomas Mitchell Croil (d. 1985) in 1959. From the age of five Marjorie knew she wanted to be an artist but it took quite a few years before that dream could be realized. Other duties such as family, volunteer work and being a journalist occupied much of her time for many years. After World War II, Marjorie became a journalist for the Vernon News, the Summerland Review, and the Penticton Herald, the latter she worked at for over 25 years. With the exception of a few long ago lessons with an art professor in London, Ontario and the occasional instruction through the Okanagan Summer School of the Arts, Naramata Center and the Summerland Art Club, Marjorie mainly developed her skill through painting and experimenting on her own. Working in many mediums such as oil, watercolour, gouache, oil pastel, wax resist, felt pen, collage, mono-printing, woodcuts, linocuts and fabric art, Marjorie is definitely an eclectic artist. Her style leans towards impressionism. She once said, "I'm not too interested in realism. I get a picture in my head and then I can do it very quickly. I work in so many media because I like to experiment all the time. The way I judge a picture is to be emoted by it."